Pharmacist Pilot Scheme



The pilot is to run for four years, its aim being to measure the impact of pharmacists in General Practice and promote closer working between professions not just in the practice setting but across the wider Health Care Environment including Community Pharmacy, Secondary and Tertiary care. The success of the project will be measured through various assessment tools KPIs and satisfaction surveys directed at the General Practice team and patients.

It is about developing another arm to the practice clinical team, who will eventually be able to function in a similar vein to a Nurse Practitioner but with a different skill set.


The Pharmacists

Employed by Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care CIC, six whole time equivalent pharmacists have been appointed to work across the 12 Pilot Practices.

The Pilot Structure

The pharmacist training will be led by the College of Post Graduate Pharmacy Education (CPPE) in liaison with Health Education England. It includes a series of distance learning courses, face to face training days and assessments.

Structured learning will take place over the first 18 months of the pilot and at the end the pharmacists will be qualified Non-Medical Independent prescribers and Fellows of the Faculty of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Each Pharmacist will have an educational supervisor appointed by CPPE who will monitor their personnel progress and facilitate the pharmacist’s individual Personnel Development Plan.

The pilot is a great opportunity to utilise an untapped skill resource, reduce the pressure in general practice and improve patient care.