Extended Hours Access 2019/20 - Practice Data Collection Form


- This Form has been developed for practices to include their extended hours provision for the quarter

- Practices should complete this form for their own practices and for any other practice that it provides extended hour on behalf of

- The Primary Care Network Lead will then collate the return on the behalf of the primary care network and will submit one return for South East London    Primary Care Team. O4

- The completed form should be retained on file by the practice and the PCN Lead

When entering figures below, only use 2 decimal places to the right of the decimal point

Quarter Totals

Week Commencing

Total Number of Weekly Practice Extended Hours Offered 

Number of Appointments Offered

Number of Booked Appointments

Number of Attended Appointments

Number of Cancelled/DNA Appointments

Number of Unused Appointments

Month One

Month Two

Month Three

Month One

Declaration To Be Completed By The Practice

Once Completed, please click Submit to send form to PCN Lead who will coordinate the PCN return to the SEL PC Team

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