GP Fellowship Programme

Bexley Training Hub, in collaboration with Oxleas Foundation NHS Trust, Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice/Macmillan Cancer Support, Bexley CCG, local practices and Health Education England (South London) have developed a unique 2 year Fellowship in General Practice for three newly qualified GPs.


Each role encompasses working five sessions in General Practice (across two practices) and four sessions in one of three placements in either palliative medicine, elderly community medicine or in a CCG clinical leadership role. During the two year fellowship two of the three placements will be covered.


Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care CIC, the local GP federation is the employing organisation of this fellowship programme.

The hope is that the fellowship will attract applicants interested in becoming the change-agents of the future in the transformation and clinical redesign of whole-system pathways in Bexley.

GPs are already well placed to influence service change as they see the full pathway of their patients and are therefore able to identify service gaps and inefficiencies that exist across the system.


The Fellows will not only have the insight from their one-to-one interactions with patients but from seeing first-hand the patient journey at end of life when cared for by the hospice, or the journey when a complex elderly patient needs increased health and social care support.

This will ultimately develop GPs who have the multi-professional relationships and system understanding to participate in radical and innovative transformation of the way in which health services are delivered in Bexley.