Bexley Diabetes

Bexley Diabetes, as a part of Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care CIC, are currently delivering the Diabetes Education service to the patients and health care professionals of Bexley.

The current team has been responsible for the delivery of the X-PERT Structured Patient Education Programme since January 2010. With a dedicated and hardworking team of X-PERT trainers, which includes a mixture of health care professionals and patient champions, they have seen over 7,500 patients out of the 12,417 patients in Bexley, living with Type 2 Diabetes. 


With 60% of our population of people living with type 2 diabetes having attended a course, we are recognised as the best provider in London in structured patient education, having exceeded our target for attendance..  


As a result of our great team work, we have managed to improve the health outcomes of our patients with type 2 diabetes and help them understand and better manage their condition. The team have won a series of awards to reflect this achievement and most recently won the X-PERT Health Award for “Greatest reduction in cardiovascular disease risk factors.”

We deliver five different types of structured education for people living with type 2 diabetes.  They are:

  1. X-PERT Diabetes

  2. X-PERT Insulin

  3. X-PERT First Steps

  4. Diabetes Manual

  5. DOSA – Diabetes manual for South Asian population


Each of these courses provides different levels of support and is delivered in a different manner.   If you would like to discuss these course choices and find out which one works for you please call our team on 0208 269 3419.  Alternatively you could book yourself directly onto the X-PERT Diabetes or X-PERT Insulin course by visiting

In addition to educating the patients we also have a robust training programme for our local health care professionals. Each year we run a series of education updates and training sessions for GP’s, practice nurses, HCA’s and other professionals. These courses allow health care professionals to stay up to date with the changing treatments, guidelines and even technologies in regards to diabetes management. This will allow GP’s to provide you as a patient the best possible diabetes care in practice.  Information on our healthcare professionals courses can be found on TeamNet if you are in a Bexley practice or by emailing our diabetes lead at