Extended Access GP Hubs

For any enquiries relating to the 8-8 GP Hubs, please contact:

Samantha Warwick

Service Manager

Chelsea Mortlake

Deputy Service Manager

Northumberland Heath Medical Centre Hub

Reception between the hours of 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

01322 356 150, 01322 356 151

Cancellation Line (24 Hours)

01322 356 150 


Queen Mary Hub

Reception between the hours of 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

0208 2693 373, 0208 2693 374


Cancellation Line (24 Hours)

0208 2694 120 


GP Hub Email


The hub email is monitored between 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm on Monday to Friday and 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday



About Us

Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care (BHNC) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which has 25 member GP practices covering 242,062 patients.  Whilst it is a not-for-profit organisation, the member practices are independent organisations working together to develop local primary care.

BHNC was created to:

  • Collaborate with the member practices to solve local issues at scale rather than at practice level

  • Provide a service where GPs can collaborate in a way that is open, transparent and democratic

  • Provide management, skill and expertise at scale rather than at practice level which may be otherwise difficult to finance

Main areas of activity are:


1.  Patient Services

BHNC CIC oversees the following services:

  • GP Practice services at Bursted Wood Surgery

  • Extended GP 8 to 8 Programme – extra primary care appointments in the evening, at weekends and Bank Holidays

  • Award winning patient education and support programme, for people living with diabetes in Bexley.  Through the provision of a recognised structured education programme, the diabetes team help support patients from diagnosis through to long term management to gain a better understanding of diabetes and promote self management.   Please visit the diabetes page of this website for further information.

  • Pharmacist Pilot Scheme and Care Home Pilot Scheme:  The Federation is currently moving the pharmacy pilot scheme to the Primary Care Network Pharmacists.  This will replace the existing Pilot Scheme.  The Federation will maintain the care home pilot scheme in the short term while the Primary Care Networks are forming

  • Referral Management Service: The Federation is working with the Primary Care Network and General Practitioners to replace the current service run by BHL.  For any discussions you wish to have around the referral service, please email Darren Blake (darren.blake1@nhs.net)

2.  Training and Education

The Federation hosts Bexley Training Hub which provides a variety of training programmes for both staff and patients.

We also provide diabetes education to practices, through structured education events, CPD and consultant led virtual clinics, which has allowed Bexley to progress further than neighbouring boroughs, to bring patient care closer to home, through highly skilled diabetes teams in each practice. This allows for better access for patients and more appropriate treatments.   More information on this can be found on the diabetes page of this website.

3.  Supporting the General Practices

  • Supporting complex service changes through collaboration between groups of practices or the transfer of work from hospitals into the community

  • Leading a Bexley wide workforce development programme including GP recruitment and retention, support for salaried and locum GPs, practice managers, nurses, administration staff and other healthcare professionals

  • Delivering general practice services where it is sensible for one organisation to take a lead

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Contact Us

Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care

River House (Behind the Old Mill)

Bexley High Street


Kent DA5 1JX

Tel: 020 8298 1965

Email:  BHNC.GPfed@nhs.net

Care Quality Commission

(CQC) regulates BHNC GP Federation C.I.C. to provide care at BHNC GP Federation C.I.C. - Head Office

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